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For over 5 Years now, Betatinz has been a source of verified news for a vast majority of anglophone cameroonians. With over 100,000 unique subscribers on all social media platforms, Betatinz has continually looked for new ways to engage with it's community.  This can be seen with new programs such as BetaTorpoh, BetaStreetVibes,BetaGist and BetaMedia. 

BetaTinz is a modern media company, that wants to keep it community informed, engaged and entertained at all times, through all the tools at her disposal. With limited resources and having explored the most it could, owning a platform of her own, was the next logical step. 

BetaPlace comes to feel in the void of creativity, entertainment and fun that Betatinz can not provide to her community on existing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram.

Here We are able to innovate on features and solutions that we understand will best fit with pur community. We have created features that you won't find on any other social network out there.  We will continue adding features in the future and we hope it will get you engaged, informed and entertained. 

Our hope is to become an independent social network with great impact worldwide with roots in Cameroon, Africa.  We hope to develop a safer place, more business friendly and most entertaining that there could be out there. 

Thank you for reach here. Have fun on BetaPlace